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Here at Q Design we pride ourselves on the personal yet professional touch and believe customer experience is key to loyalty. We appreciate and thank our returning clients and we welcome all new clients, with a smile, a cuppa and a biscuit on offer!


Azzcon Limited

“A big thank you to Jodie and her team at Q Design. The signage for our unit looks great. 1st class service as always!"

Boro Shirt Museum

"All of our exhibition displays, banners, post cards and leaflets are produced by them and we can't recommend them enough"

Magnum Packaging

“We have been using the services of Q Design for many years and have always felt like a valued client. They have always gone above and beyond for everything that we’ve asked of them and we can’t speak highly enough of them.”

MFC Foundation

"I would highly recommend Q Design to anyone looking to create eye-catching resources for their product/service"

Balloon Barn

"If your looking for a custom logo or professional looking, embroidered workwear, then I can't recommend Q Design enough"

Clear Scope Solutions

"We can't thank the team at Q Design enough for all their hard work, from design to delivery Jodie and her team have been amazing"
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